Your Dog’s Bowl Makes a Difference!

Hello from the Yettie in the Pink Underwear! 💜💜 Today, Tribe Members, I’m here to tell you about how to pick the right bowl for your dog. Most people don’t know how much the shape and size of their doggo’s bowl affects their eating habits. I promise your doggo will love their new bowl if you follow my advice! 😁 Yetties do know best!

Measure your Doggo

One of the most important things to remember when picking out your doggo’s new bowl is their size. 📏 Keep in mind their overall size, but also don’t forget to think of the small things. Their snout makes a big difference in the type of bowl they need! 👃 Know if they have a short, long, or mid-sized nose, so you’ll be able to figure out how deep their bowl needs to be. Also look at your doggo’s adorable ears. 👂 If their ears are long and floppy, you’ll need a bowl shape that makes it so their ears don’t get covered in food. Other important things to take note of are how tall they are, how big their head is, and how wide their chest is, because these are big factors in showing their overall size.

What is Your Doggo Like?

Size isn’t all that matters when you’re picking out a brand new bowl for your doggo. You have to think of what they’ll actually like based on what you know about them. After all, you do know your doggo better than anyone else. 💕💕 Consider how they like to eat (fast or slow), how old they are (older dogs can have limitations, and puppies might need new bowls as they grow), and if they have any conditions (arthritis and other limitations can make it more difficult for some dogs to do things like eating).

So Many Shapes to Choose From

As you know, dog bowls come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Deeper bowls are meant for big dogs, dogs with longer snouts, and other dogs that may have issues with “chasing their bowl.” 🐕 These deep bowls allow for dogs to comfortably eat without pushing their bowls or knocking them over. Shallow bowls are most common, and are great for small dogs and most medium dogs. Short breeds and other small dogs can comfortably eat from shallow bowls without having to deal with any pressure on their necks. These are perfect for puppies too, because it’s easiest for them to eat from, and our special bowls have a grip on the bottom to keep your pup from spilling the food out of their bowl. 😱 Bowls with steep sides are angled inwards so they’re more narrow at the top instead of tapering at the bottom. This shape is meant for dog breeds with really big and floppy ears. 🥺 The thin shape keeps your doggo’s ears out of the bowl, so they stay clean and out of the way while they’re eating. Elevated feeders are a good choice for many types of dogs. Tall dog breeds or other big dogs are able to reach their food better when they have elevated feeders. This type of bowl even comes in a range of heights, so you’ll be able to find the right height for your doggo. 👍 Elevated feeders are also perfect for dogs with joint problems, or dogs who are recovering from surgery, since they allow your doggo to eat without the extra strain on their joints and muscles. 

Does Material Matter? 

The material your dog’s bowl is made from definitely matters. We’re talking about the dish your doggo eats out of! You want a bowl that’s made of a food-safe and durable material. 💪 This doesn’t mean that one material is better than the others though, because that still depends on your dog. Plastic bowls and bowls made with silicone are the most common types of bowls, as they’re easy to clean, they tend to be more affordable, and they’re lighter than other materials. 👍 If your dog is a heavy chewer, they might be more prone to chewing on a plastic bowl, and the porous material can be a home for bacteria if you don’t keep up with cleaning it. Silicone bowls aren’t as porous, but you should still clean them often. Most collapsable bowls are made of silicone, and are perfect for travel, and other on-the-go situations. 🦮🏃 Some bowls feature silicone in a ring around the bottom, or another silicone piece that keeps the bowl from sliding, which can be a very helpful addition to a great bowl. Stainless steel is another common material used to make bowls that are also easy to clean, but heavy-duty. These bowls aren’t as likely to be a place for bacteria growth, and your doggo is less likely to chomp on the metal, even if they’re a heavy chewer. 💪 Stainless steel bowls aren’t made to be used outside, so you need to be careful if you’re temporarily putting them outdoors (in direct sunlight, stainless steel can get hot enough to burn you or your dog, or it could freeze in the winter). ☀️❄️ Ceramic bowls can be more dangerous for your doggo. While they might have a cute design, they can cause food contamination or sickness, especially for dogs on a raw food diet. Ceramics are very porous, so it’s important that you clean them very quickly after every time your dog eats from them. They can shatter if you drop them, and they can easily chip, meaning pieces of ceramic in your doggo’s food. 👎👎 Some ceramic finishes can even contain harmful chemicals, like lead. Bamboo bowls and bowls made from other types of sustainable wood are eco-friendly and usually dishwasher safe. These bowls are newer and lightweight, so heavy chewers might make a toy out of them.