Our Values:

Superior quality
We manufacture our products using the most durable, low maintenance, and pet-safe materials in order to create items that benefit both you and your pet. We recognize that a sophisticated appearance and high quality go hand in hand. If pets are like family, their products should look as good in your home as your own furniture, and the safety measures you apply to your loved ones should also apply to your pets.

Original design
Our products are made to expand the selection of pet products available to consumers – not to simply imitate what’s already out there. We draw our inspiration from the human world of fashion and design to create items for your pet that fit your lifestyle. Our designs are thoughtfully developed in our house to enhance yours.

Innovative concepts
Amidst all the fun and joy that comes with caring for a pet, there are also responsibilities that can add challenge to the pet owner lifestyle. Behind each of our items is a desire to create a solution that will allow pet owners to more easily give their pets the care they need.

Dependable service
Our sales team member provides excellent customer service to vendors so they can in turn provide the best to their customers. For wholesale/ Distributor or Online inquiries, please contact us by email: sales@jojomodernpets.com or toll free: 1-855-226-5656. For sourcing and custom manufacturing, please contact us at custom@jojomodernpets.com

Community involvement
Our company spills into several different communities: local, pet-loving, small businesses, and women in business, to name a few. We make an effort to actively participate in each of these, whether by attending events, making donations, or individually dedicating our personal time to improving any of these communities. We recognize the value of support to the overall success of any cause or group, and we wish to give support anywhere we are capable.

Support for local small businesses
We are ecstatic to add our products to the selections of local small boutiques and stores, and we do what we can to promote them. In addition, we love discovering local establishments – bars, restaurants, hotels – that allow pets on their premises or even have services specifically for pets. We are always open to working with local businesses to add to their product selection or enhance their pet-friendly accommodations.

Women helping women
We believe women should be able to use each other’s knowledge and experience as resources. In both the workplace and the larger community, we recognize that support and encouragement foster talent. We seek to give ambitious young women the opportunity to grow through high-responsibility, hands-on internships.


Business Practices

Our Ethics and Responsible Business Practices:
We care about people as much as we care about our pets. That’s why we take measures to ensure the safety and well-being of those involved in the production of JoJo branded items. Production facilities used to create the JoJo brands in the US and overseas, present sometimes challenges, nevertheless, we are committed to enforcing responsible business practices in our US and overseas facility.

We have secured and work with production facilities that are well established, have a high level of quality assurance and management, ethically and socially comply, reputable in their producing country and are the back bone to manufacturer and suppliers countries covering North America, Europe, Asia Middle-East, Africa, South America, Far East, Australia and New Zealand.

JoJo Modern Pets is committed to conducting its operations with a high standard of business ethics, in compliance with applicable laws and with a regard for human rights and fair labor practices.

While we recognize and respect the cultural differences that exist throughout the world, we expect its production facilities, partners, associates and representatives to share and uphold these values.

It is our committed desire to do business with firms who conduct their business in accordance with, and who respect, accepted international labor standards.

Visits to production facilities are routinely made by JoJo Modern Pets owners and representatives. JoJo Modern Pets reserves the right to suspend future orders or to terminate its relationship with any facility, firm or individual for failures in compliance with our efforts on the following areas:

Compliance with Laws

It is imperative that facilities and partner firms must comply with all applicable national and/or local laws and regulations which govern their operations, including those governing labor, health, safety, the environment, corruption, and bribery.

Employment No Child Labor                                                                                                                                       

Child labor is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Voluntary Labor: All labor must be voluntary and not forced or coerced. No Harassment or Coercion: Workers will be treated with dignity and respect. Nondiscrimination: Hiring based on the basis of their ability and qualification to do the job, and not on the basis of personal characteristics, beliefs, religious affiliation, or social status. Wages and Benefits: Compensation to all workers with wages, overtime premiums, and benefits that meet or exceed applicable local law, local industry standards, or collective agreements; whichever are higher. Health and Safety: Provision to all workers with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with applicable law, ensuring, at a minimum, reasonable access to potable water and sanitary facilities, fire safety, and adequate lighting and ventilation.


Applicable laws regarding protection and preservation of the environment in the vendor’s country should be complied with. All input materials and components must be obtained from permissible sources as allowed by applicable law.


Facilities, firms and individuals must comply with and adhere to the local laws and regulations concerning bribery, corruption, or unethical practices whether in dealings with public officials or individuals in the private sector.

On a broader scale, we believe in demonstrating our care for the future of humanity and our pets.

We want to provide the best for people, the community, and pets. If you have any questions regarding who we are or our business practices, or would like to provide feedback, please contact us at ceo@jojomodernpets.com.


The JoJo Modern Pets Family