Can a Dog Change Your Life? The Story of JoJo Modern Pets

A decade ago, our founder, Savina Singh, had her life changed by an American Cocker Spaniel named Jojo. After Jojo was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder, Savina sought high-quality, socially responsible pet products, ultimately starting JoJo Modern Pets from her Washington DC apartment.

Starting from a difficult beginning, Savina learned valuable lessons as she navigated the challenges of sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping. She soon found a niche helping other private label pet brands experiencing similar frustrations, thus turning these challenges into a strength for her business.

Determined to build her company on ethical principles, Savina traveled the world to find production facilities that met her standards for sustainability, fair wages, and socially responsible capitalism. Today, JoJo Modern Pets remains committed to putting people and pets before profits.

Launching the first product line in 2013, Savina and her team focused on innovative designs, recruiting her brother and setting up a warehouse in Illinois. The company has built a diverse and agile supply chain that extends to other private label pet brands, helping build a community around ethical pet products.

JoJo Modern Pets thrives on its client-centric approach, asking themselves if they would want to be their own client. The company supplies over 1500 independent retailers and specialty shops, customizing case packs and offering private label product lines without minimum requirements on purchase orders.

With a goal to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030, JoJo Modern Pets is dedicated to creating a better world for dogs and pet families. They believe in providing a healthy work environment and making sure communities have access to alternative pet products that reflect their lifestyles.

The vision of JoJo Modern Pets is to make every person smile and every dog's tail wag through their products. They strive to create a zero-waste environment with a neutral carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the lives of pets and their families.

For any feedback or inquiries, feel free to reach out at or through their toll-free number.