Can a dog change your life? 

It did for our founder, Savina Singh, a decade ago when an American Cocker Spaniel, Jojo, was adopted during a business trip in 2007. After Jojo received a diagnosis of an auto-immune disorder in 2010 Savina began searching for new and natural alternative pet products, products that shared her values of who she wanted to be for her dog and how she wanted to interact with the world. She wanted a more modern approach to how pets interact in our lives. 

Buying something is a vote for what you value. The options available to her and Jojo were substandard, lame and felt cheap. From her one bedroom apartment in Washington DC she started JoJo Modern Pets. Her mission became creating high quality, socially responsible products for pets.

The Start

But first, hard lessons were learned. After scrimping and saving every possible penny Savina poured her savings into her first container of custom Jojo Modern Pet products. The proudest moment quickly became a nightmare as she found 90% of her order was defective and unsalvageable. Devastation and tears followed. Quickly, she was ready to champion a worthy cause she called everyone she knew to make connections with other private label pet product producers. 

Many US based pet entrepreneurs were experiencing the same frustration, being cheated out of money with low quality products that did not match the samples agreed on previously. Inspired by injustice, Savina made it her business to take on the hard and difficult tasks for herself and other private label brands she knew. Challenges with tariffs, consolidated shipping, warehousing, sourcing and manufacturing from factories with quality guarantees became her strength, her differentiator. A brand and solution were born. 

The Real Mission Defined

Over the next years Savina traveled to factories all over the world to find ethical production facilities. Sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable, artisan made, BPA free, non-toxic, lead free, no child or exploitive labor, fair wages, socially responsible capitalism was what she was determined to build her business on. Today, the JMP team maintains the foundation that people and pets come before profits.

In 2013 she launched her first line. With the ethics in place, she focused on innovative and unique designs made for personal style. Products that look good in homes. She recruited her brother and bought a warehouse in her home state of Illinois. By using USA-based and gold-standard factories around the world JoJo Modern Pets supply chain became diverse and agile enough to extend business to other private label pet product brands - her new community of friends. 

A Client Centric Approach

Creating and manufacturing great products is one aspect of our business model. Where we thrive is our client centric approach to our internal operations. We always ask ourselves, would we want to be our own client? While nothing was made easy for Savina, we strive to make it easy for our clients. We supply over 1500 independent retailers and specialty shops. We customize case packs and have no minimum requirements on purchase orders. We also work with stores to create private label product lines and ship to multiple store locations for those without a distribution center.


Carbon Neutrality is our Future

JoJo Modern Pets has set a goal to be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. We are committed to making the world a better place for our dogs and future generations of pet families. We are committed to manufacturing and distributing wonderful sustainable products. We are committed to our retailers and their needs. 

JoJo Modern Pets has a dream for all those connected to our ecosystem. Make every person smile and every dog tail wag by touching our products. We want to create a zero waste environment with a neutral carbon footprint. We believe in more than a living wage. Health and mental wellbeing and time with family and pets is the priority for our team. We want to make sure all communities have access to alternative pet products that reflect their lifestyle. Dogs bring us joy, and our products do too. 

We are looking for feedback reach out at any time or via our toll free number.