The JoJo Story

Savina Singh and her mother, Rani, had the idea for JoJo Modern Pets (JMP) ten years ago. The company was inspired by Savina's dog, JoJo, an American Cocker Spaniel born in India and adopted during a business trip in 2007. When JoJo was diagnosed with medical issues, Savina became dedicated to finding the best pet products and natural treatments. She spared no expense in caring for JoJo's health and realized that pets are not just animals, but beloved family members. After working in politics and technology for nine years, Savina decided to pursue her passion for dogs and create JoJo Modern Pets, combining her business sense, personal style, and love for pets.


Evolution of Company

JoJo started with a patent-pending dog bowl and mat set in April 2013, offering seven SKUs in various colors and designs. In the six years that followed, we expanded our manufacturing capabilities to include pet products from China, India, Mexico, Taiwan, and other countries, resulting in over 350 new SKUs. As our product development and distribution capabilities grew, we began pursuing partnerships with well-known retailers who preferred domestic warehousing. To meet this demand, we established the JoJo Modern Pets Distribution Center as our central location for fulfillment and distribution of retail contracts, which allows us to control costs and inventory, passing on savings to stores and making us an attractive add-on for larger retailers and buying groups.

 Pet Inspired Products

At JoJo Modern Pets, our mission is to enhance the lifestyle of modern pet owners and their furry friends by designing and distributing innovative and practical pet products. We prioritize customer satisfaction by adhering to our five pillars when working with factories and buyers to create products that reflect our customer-centric approach.


At JoJo Modern Pets, we understand that being a pet owner is more than just owning an animal; it's a lifestyle that reflects personal values. We strive to offer our customers pet products that go beyond the ordinary and allow them to find items that match their personal style while ensuring the products they purchase are durable and safe for their pets. Our products feature unique and sophisticated designs, innovative concepts, and high-quality materials, providing a broad range of options for modern pet owners and their families.