Choosing the Right Toys for Your Dog

Helloooo Tribe Members!!!! The Yettie in the Pink Underwear back to help you choose the right toys for your doggo!  💜💜 There’s no question that toys are CRUCIAL for your dog as they satisfy the mental and physical stimulation they constantly crave. Did you know that behavioral issues in your dog can directly result from boredom? 😱 Dogs NEED to release their built up energy one way or another… and I’m sure you don’t want it out on your new pillows.😁 You can also go check out our blog post covering common behavioral problems in dogs and tips to help for more information!

Interactive Toys

Interactive Toys are a great option if you’re looking to spend some quality bonding time with your doggo, as these toys require your participation. Playing with your dog not only stimulates their brain, but it actually increases your bond together keeping them happy and healthy for the long haul. 🙌 A game of Fetch is great for your doggo, as they LOVE chasing things. Balls 🎾 and other fetching toys are a simple and easy way to satisfy your dog’s natural hunting instincts and allow them to release any built of energy from the day. If you haven’t yet, go check out our blog post on why tennis balls make the perfect toy for your dog. Always make sure to choose the appropriate sized toys/balls for your doggo to prevent any safety hazards. Toys that are too small for your dog can cause them to choke.❗️😱Tug-of-war toys are great for stimulating your doggo's senses and boosting their trust and confidence! 👍 When in doubt, tug it out! 😆 Just remember to be extra cautious when playing with puppies or smaller dogs: you NEVER want to pull harder than they do as you don’t want to hurt or damage their teeth. Hide-and-seek games are another simple and fun way to play with your dog. Just hide the toy from your dog’s sight and let them find it. This game works better if the toy has a treat inside of it because your dog will have to rely on his/her smell to find it! Interactive toys and games are also great for training purposes as it allows you to teach your dog commands such as “fetch” or “let go” which improves their listening skills and teaches them appropriate behavior. 💕 

Distraction Toys

Distraction Toys are a MUST for keeping your dog busy during times you are unavailable to play. Toys that allow you to insert a treat or bully stick are great options to pass the time as your doggo stays occupied trying to get the treat out. It also enhances their problem-solving skills. Chew Toys are classic for keeping dogs happily entertained, just make sure you choose the right toy for your dog's chewing strength. Chew toys that are too hard for your dog can cause damage to their teeth and gums. While softer chew toys may not satisfy or last long for aggressive chewers. This is why knowing your dog’s chewing strength and habits is necessary before giving them a new toy. For heavy chewers, hard chew toys will surely satisfy their needs, and help maintain great dental health! 😃

Comfort Toys

Comfort Plush Toys are not only great for reducing boredom, but the soft texture of these toys help relieve your doggo’s anxiety.💓 Dog’s love to feel affection, and plush toys do just that, especially if you are unable to play with them. You may even notice that your dog likes to carry around or sleep with their plush toys as if it’s their “baby.”  Our Plush Squeaker Toys not only fulfill your dog’s soft and cuddly needs, but the squeaking noise actually resembles “prey” which induces their natural hunting instincts. These toys are on the softer side, making them perfect for any dog that doesn’t intend to “kill” the toy, but rather chew and play around with. Soft plush toys are not recommended for dogs who love to tear apart their toys, as this poses safety hazards if they ingest any stuffing material or it becomes lodged in their throat. So you always want to make sure to watch your dog before leaving them alone with a new toy.  Here’s a Yettie tip: dog’s who like to shake or “kill” toys, make sure the plush toy is similar in size to their “prey.” {small: mouse-size, medium: rabbit-size, large: duck-size} 

P.S. Comfort toys are great for playing a fun game of hide-and-seek with your doggo. 😋

General Tips

In order to prolong the life of the toys, it is always a good idea to alternate between toys on a weekly basis. Select a few toys (5 or 6) and have them be the only toys available for your doggo at a time. This way, your doggo doesn’t get bored playing with the same toys each week. It is also a good idea to provide them with toys that serve a variety of purposes (chewing, chasing, cuddling, etc.), so they can choose a toy that best suits their mood and interest.  However, if your dog has a favorite toy he or she LOVES to carry around, it’s always a good idea to keep that one out. 💗

- Yettie 💜