Rustic Jute Squirrel: Sustainable Eco Dog Chew Toy

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Give your dog the joy of play with our Eco-Smart Jute Squirrel Chew Toy. This durable toy is carefully woven from natural jute fibers, ensuring a sturdy yet safe option for your canine’s chewing pleasure. Rated moderately on the chew scale, it’s perfectly suited for small to medium-sized dogs. Jute’s biodegradability makes this toy as kind to the planet as it is to your pet.

Beyond its robust nature, the toy boasts a softness ideal for snuggle times, helping to alleviate your dog's stress and prevent boredom. Every fiber speaks to our commitment to sustainability, avoiding any artificial substances for a pure, non-toxic experience.

While this toy brings endless fun to the dog world, it remains unsuitable for children. It comes with a sleek, retail-friendly hangtag, seamlessly fitting into the eco-conscious consumer's lifestyle. Embrace this Jute Squirrel Dog Toy for engaging playtime and environmental peace of mind.

Size: 7.5"x6"

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