Blue Fox Corduroy Squeaking Dog Toy With TPR Protrusions

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Introducing the highly sought-after Plush and Thermoplastic Rubber Dog Toy! Its innovative design featuring clear rubber protrusions which is ideal for dogs that enjoy vigorous play with plush toys. This enhanced durability allows dogs to massage their gums while playing, adding an extra element of fun.

The toy posses a corduroy body filled with a combination of stuffing, crinkle paper, and a squeaker, providing a multi-sensory experience that dogs find captivating. The addition of a squeaker immediately grabs their attention, making this new Fox Corduroy Toy a true favorite among canine companions.

With its eye-catching bright colors and quirky designs, this product is effortlessly appealing and makes for easy merchandising. Suitable for all dog sizes, it offers customers a unique option to treat their beloved furry friends.

Dimensions: 18" x 5" x 4".

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