Out of this World Crinkle and Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Combo

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Dog owners understand the meaning of "true love" when it comes to their furry companions. Inspired by this bond, we created our BFF series – a collection of product combos that are perfect together, just like you and your pup. Retailers love these sets as they boost perceived value, drive customer satisfaction, and increase profits. Our plush toys feature durable stitching and are filled with crinkle materials and squeakers for interactive play.

This unique approach to plush toys isn't exclusive to high-priced monthly box deals. Independent retail stores looking to offer something "distinctive" can also benefit from our BFF series. With a broad range of themes catering to dog lovers across generations, these sets are perfect for all sizes of dogs and make an excellent impulse purchase.

Attract new and returning customers with our fun, engaging, and love-filled BFF series – the ultimate combination of products designed for dogs and their humans.

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