Nylon Dog Leash with Embroidered Rainbow Design (6ft)

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Discover the Rainbow Leash, the ultimate accessory for adventurous pets and their owners seeking both style and functionality. This 6ft leash offers a unique embroidered stitched ribbon design, reinforced for added durability, making it perfect for outdoor excursions with your furry friend. The high-quality stainless steel clip ensures a secure connection and provides one-handed removal for convenience during your adventures.

Key Features:

・Embroidered Stitched Ribbon Design: Add flair and durability to your pet's leash with our eye-catching rainbow design, reinforced for long-lasting use.
・Stainless Steel Clip: Enjoy easy one-handed removal and a secure connection to your pet's collar or harness with our sturdy stainless steel clip.
・Perfect Length: The 6ft leash offers ample room for your pet to explore while maintaining control during walks.

Upgrade your pet's leash with the Rainbow Leash, perfect for the adventurous duo seeking style, durability, and convenience.

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