Eco-Friendly Durable Natural Rubber Dog Bone Chew Toy - Small

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In an era where sustainability is paramount, making choices that benefit our pets while also safeguarding the Earth is essential. We're delighted to present our Sustainable Natural Rubber Dog Bone Chew Toy, a mindful selection that resonates with your customers. This toy offers an engaging chew experience without compromising durability.

Fabricated from 100% natural rubber obtained from eco-responsibly managed forests, this plaything epitomizes environmental stewardship. It’s not only an ecological choice but also ensures a safe, non-toxic delight for pets. Strong, steadfast, and symbolic of sustainability, it's the perfect option!

Accompanied by a back card, it playfully informs customers about the natural rubber's origins and highlights the virtues contemporary pet owners appreciate in pet accessories.

Ready for retail, it's poised to become a favorite in responsible pet care.

Dimensions: 5.5" x 2"

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