Military Figure Plush Dog Toy

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Introduce your furry friend to the Soldier Retro Action Toy, a playful tribute to WW2 army surplus store items. This toy isn't just a plaything; it's a piece of history crafted into an interactive experience for your dog.

Historically Inspired Custom Graphics: The front side of the toy features unique WW2-inspired graphics, digitally printed using non-toxic ink on durable canvas. This design not only brings a piece of history into your home but also ensures the toy can withstand vigorous play.

Soft Fleece for Comfort: Balancing the sturdy front, the backside is crafted from soft fleece, making it the perfect snuggle buddy for your dog during downtime. The combination of materials caters to both your pet’s playful and restful needs.

Interactive and Multi-Sensory Play: Equipped with a strong rope, this toy is ideal for tug-of-war, encouraging interactive play and bonding. Inside, the toy features crinkle paper and a squeaker, offering a range of sounds and textures that appeal to your dog's natural instincts and provide multi-sensory stimulation.

Perfect for Dogs of All Sizes: While this toy is suitable for all dog sizes, it is especially ideal for medium to large breeds. The substantial stuffing and size ensure a fulfilling and safe playtime for bigger dogs.

Toy Dimensions:

  • Size: 19" x 3"

Our WW2 Inspired Soldier Retro Action Dog Toy is more than a simple plaything; it's a unique combination of historical inspiration, comfort, and interactive fun, designed to keep your dog entertained, cozy, and mentally stimulated.

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