I Love You So Much Dog Treat Canister Gift Set

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Perfect for pet lovers who also like organized homes. The inscription reads I Love You So Much (with paw) and is a wonderful storage solution. Keeping treats fresh, the airtight silicone seal also locks out moisture, humidity, contaminants, and pests. The chrome handle ensures an effortlessly easy open lid.

The colorful powder coating gives a vibrant, glossy exterior to a strong carbon steel container that stands strong against spills and dings. Sized for on-the-counter storage or a lively addition to the pantry, it's great for medical records, medicines, leashes, collars, poop baggies, and more.

The gift set box comes with two canisters, one in Blush Pink and a second in Sky Blue.

Height of each canister: 6.5"
Diameter of each canister: 4.3"

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