French Blue Pet Food & Treat Storage Canisters (Set of 3)

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A set of 3 nested, powder coated carbon steel ribbed treat canisters in deep cream color with a French blue lid and art design. Featuring 3 different pet inspired designs, "Love, Treats, Paws Off." Great for gifts, kitchenware storage or for hiding gourmet goodies. Keeping treats fresh, the lid is rimmed with a silicone gasket that locks out moisture, humidity, contaminants, and pests.

To be sold as a set or individually. Each canister has an individual UPC.

Hand wash recommended.

Dimensions of each canister within the set: 

Large: 8.9” H (with lid)/ Base 7.1”H/ Diam 6.3” 

Medium: 7.7”H (with lid)/ Base 6”H/ Diam 5.1” 

Small: 6.5” H (with lid)/ Base 4.8”H/ Diam 4.1” 

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