Country Living 3-Piece Silicone Dog Treat Baking Kit ( 6-Pack on Clip Strip)

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The Country Living Silicone 3-Piece Treat Baking Kit (2 Silicone Baking Trays - One Silicone Spatula) is a versatile and convenient set for any baking enthusiast. 
The set includes six kits, conveniently packaged with a clip strip and S-hook for easy storage and display. 

The silicone trays are designed for flexibility and durability, allowing for easy release of baked goods. They are suitable for use in the microwave, freezer, or oven, making them extremely versatile for different baking and cooking needs. The trays are also FDA certified and tested for safety and quality assurance.

The included silicone spatula is perfect for mixing, spreading, and transferring batter or dough. Its ergonomic design and flexible edge ensure efficient and comfortable use.

This baking set is easy to clean and maintain, as all pieces are dishwasher safe. 

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