Retractable Dog Leash with Nylon Reflective Belt for Safety - Warm Gray

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This Retractable Leash with Reflective Stripe is a great option when you’re looking to take your dog for a walk while still maintaining control over his or her movements. It’s built with a comfort grip handle, locking and braking system, and reflective belt. Only available in one size.

This dog leash should be used responsibly to avoid injury to self, others, and your pet. When using the retractable leash, your dog should be supervised at all times. Check your leash before each use. If damaged or badly worn, avoid using and replace immediately. This product cannot be used for dogs over 44 lbs. Use the product with a secure dog collar on your pet to prevent injury. Do not use this retractable dog leash as a stationary leash. Please review the instruction sheet in the box for further information.

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