6" Beef Trachea Dog Treat - All-Natural Dog Chews (25/case)

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Elevate your pet's snacking experience with our 6" Beef Trachea Dog Treat. As a premium, all-natural chew, this treat not only satiates your dog's need to gnaw but also provides innate health benefits.

● 100% Natural: Sourced from high-quality beef, devoid of artificial additives, colors, or preservatives, ensuring a pure, healthy treat.

● Rich in Chondroitin: Naturally packed with chondroitin, these chews support joint health and mobility, especially beneficial for aging dogs or those with joint issues.

● Dental Health Advocate: The unique texture of the beef trachea assists in scraping away tartar and plaque, promoting better dental health and fresher breath.

● High-Protein, Low-Fat: A wholesome treat that's high in protein, promoting muscle health, while being low in fat, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.

● Nutrient-Rich: Filled with natural vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall wellness.

For a treat that combines delight, nutrition, and health benefits, our 6" Beef Trachea Dog Treat is a choice your canine companion will relish

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