Comfort Plush Banana Design Sock Dog Toy (6-Pack on Clip Strip)

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Introducing the Space Panda Plush Dog Toy, a standout offering in our collection that merges enchanting design with functionality, designed specifically for all dog sizes. Inspired by the whimsical nature of children and the allure of the cosmos, this plush toy appeals to a wide audience, including gamers, retro enthusiasts, and trendsetters. For added convenience in retail display and stocking, this is available in a 4-Pack on a Clip Strip with an S-Hook.

Crafted with a blend of stuffing, crinkle paper, and a squeaker, the Space Panda is versatile enough for dogs to snuggle with or engage in lively tugging games. Its eye-catching appearance not only enhances its appeal but also emphasizes its primary role: to provide comfort and companionship to your customer's dog.

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