Eco-Friendly TPR Tennis Ball Squeak Boomerang Dog Toy

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Introducing the perfect addition to your stock: a high-quality toy constructed from TPR, renowned for its resilience and sustainability. This innovative design combines the excitement of a squeaking, removable tennis ball with the engagement of two treat holes, providing dogs with multi-faceted play options.

Drawing inspiration from the dynamic features of the Blue Boomerang, this toy is not just for chewing but is an all-around entertainment hub for medium to large dogs. The toy's texture-rich design, adorned with ridges and nubs, is a game-changer in promoting oral health.

Retailers will appreciate the versatility it offers; the tennis ball can be easily replaced with a treat or combined with a rope to introduce a fun tug-of-war challenge. Rated 3 out of 5 for durability, it promises lasting fun while maintaining a gentle touch. Packaged in a retail-ready format with a backcard/hangtag, it's destined to be a standout on any store shelf and a favorite in any dog's toy collection.

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