Ava's Pet Palace Crunchy Jerky Dog Treats - Snappin' Salmon

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Introducing Ava's Pet Palace Single-Ingredient 100% Wild Alaskan Snappin' Salmon Treats – the ultimate healthy, delicious treat for dogs! Made from responsibly sourced, wild-caught Alaskan salmon, these treats are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, promoting a shiny coat and healthy skin. Perfect for health-conscious pet owners and dogs with dietary sensitivities. Each 4 oz bag provides a high-protein, low-fat treat that dogs love.

• Single-Ingredient: Only the best for your pet.
• No Preservatives or Additives: Pure and natural.
• Wild-Caught Salmon: Responsibly sourced.
• Rich in Omega-3: Promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin.
• Grain and Gluten-Free: Perfect for dogs with dietary sensitivities.
• Crafted with Care: Hand-placed on baking sheets and dehydrated to perfection.
• Nutritional Benefits: Supports the immune system and reduces inflammation.
• Packaging: Each bag contains 4 oz of treats.

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