JMP Manufacturing & Imports is excited to meet you.

We are ready to have a conversation on how we can help you. The dynamics of the pet industry is changing and we are here to provide you with solutions for any gaps in your supply chain.

Our whole goal at JMP is to help our customers make more money. 

Here are some of the challenges we can solve;

·        Don't want to deal with drop-shipping? We can do it- rates average $3 as a handling fee. 

·        Want customized case packs? No problem we build it, pack it and ship it the way you want.

·        Need PDQ's pack and shipped with your product we can do it. 

·        Want a custom end cap that can enhance your margins and make your store more money per square foot? We do it all the time.  

·        Have an inspiration for your next product? We can sample it,  make it and package it the way you want. Letting you start with low quantities!

·        What's the minimum quantity order? We work with you to find the lowest run at the best price. 

·        Want a direct import program or store domestic inventory with us? We can do it for you like we do for our current customers. 

·        Worried about price parody with Amazon- You can get exclusivity on your product where you control the price point of the product. 

·        Use your own brand, use ours or make a new one- our goal is to help you sell products to achieve your marketing and sales goals. 

Let us help you! For more information or to schedule a call, email or fill out our online form: