Mutt-Sicles Apple, Peanut Butter & Turmeric Dog Popsicles

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Mutt-Sicles are the Pooch Ice Pops for Dogs that you TAKE HOME, FREEZE & TREAT!

Mutt-Sicles allows Retailers to get into the “HOT” category of Frozen Treats, without the new or additional cost of freezer space! This exciting new product is completely shelf stable and require NO freezing or refrigeration to be sold. Formulated by a food scientist and veterinarian, these treats contain only human-grade functional ingredients.

Free from oils, sugars and byproducts, Mutt-Sicles contains no added fillers and are 100% Made in the USA. Convenient and easy to feed, once home simply place the bag of Mutt-Sicles in the freezer, after the pops are frozen, snip off the top of the sleeve and treat your pup!

Each bag contains 5 individually wrapped ice pops, which makes it super convenient to store, grab and go! Mutt-Sicles are the tasty and low in calories, only 1.5 kcal per treat.

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