Zero Bug Pets and prevents Fleas and Ticks by creating an ultrasound force field that paralyzes bugs before they can attach to your Dog or Cat.
You simply put the one-inch device on their collar and its automatic pest control. Check out this video that explains the concept. 
This tech wearable is non-toxic and good for 10 months saving pet parents money and the trauma of harsh irritants on your pet's skin. Works up to 5 ft.
It has been University tested and we have a human version as well. You can read the study here. 
Our Suggested MSRP is 39.99. There are 6 different colors and the human version has 6 cool camo looks. Get more details from this PDF. 
It can come packaged in a PDQ with 12 units per Pack. Perfect for any counter as an impulse buy. See Photo.