JoJo Orange Safari Pet Bowls & Placemat Set


This pet dinnerware set includes two deep orange colored stainless steel pet bowls and a vibrant animal print inspired placemat design will accentuate any home.

This style of the Stay on feeding placemat has a light magnetic layer and the bowls are a certain grade of stainless steel, minimizing bowl flipping action. Limiting a mess!

Easiest pet dining set to maintain and care for. The set is lightweight and portable… it’s as easy as cleaning your own dishes after every meal!


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Orange Safari Stay On Pet Bowls & Placemat Set includes one water resistant non skid mat (18.5″ x 11″) and two orange powder-coated stainless steel bowls(each 6.3″).

  • Each pet bowl holds up to 4 cups of dry food.
  • Bowls are dishwasher safe.
  • Care Instructions: To relax mat, remove from the packaging and place the face of the mat firmly against iron surface for 10-15 minutes. Wash dinnerware set with soap and water before using.

Why our bowls?

There are so many pet bowls to choose from. We recommend going stainless steel. It is widely believed to be one of the safest dog food and water dispensing bowls. Stainless steel pet bowls now come in a variety of colors. Using a powder coating technique, bowls are pet-safe and dishwasher safe.

Properly cared for stainless steel pet bowls will not harbor dangerous bacteria, and do not emit dangerous chemicals. Be sure to clean your stainless steel bowl after every use to ward off potential illness from bacteria, and don’t clean it with any abrasive material like steel wool. You can use eco-friendly dish soap and hot water, or better yet, do what we do, clean with a nice mixture of vinegar and water.

JoJo bowls and products are properly tested for safety.

Bowl & Mat Collection Video